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We often associate the dental office with pain and fear. Although most dentists do everything they can to improve our dental experience, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Every patient is unique. Bay Anesthesia Group’s highly trained dentist anesthesiologists are here to help. They provide a safe and relaxing way to get you the healthy smile you have always wanted.

Anesthesia services may benefit patients who may experience the following:

  • Fear, anxiety, or unease regarding dental treatment
  • Sensitive gag reflex
  • Low pain thresholds
  • Previous failed attempts at local anesthesia
  • Complex medical histories
  • Advanced age or cognitive impairment
  • Physical or mental impairments or handicaps
  • Basic desire to be relaxed for dental treatment

With many adults, we may require a recent physical exam by a primary care physician and possibly EKG and labs. This will ensure that we have a complete picture of your current health status in order to develop the most ideal anesthetic treatment plan for you.